Story in English

Once upon a time in the future...
The world hundred years after the great flood.
Here, the place like Japan in the age of civil wars(Sengoku era).
The age when Samurai existed.
The age when people were mired in civil war-chaos.
The dark age when bandits, stabbers, desperados were prowling here and there.
A girl and her gardian, the werewolf, refuged in the forest, where MITSUME, the spectre lived.
They were pursued by the enemy for a long time.
Because the girl named KINOKO had the special power that gave immortality.
If you kissed her, you can get the power.
But it was only once that her power could work, so only one person could get her power, immortality.
Because once she kissed, she would die.

She had a gardian.
His name is YOSAKU, the foster parent of KINOKO.
They were still running away from enemy in the forest today.

MITSUME: Well, my name is MITSUME. I have three eyes. Look at me...
MITSUME: This story is a love story. I will die in the middle of this story.
Not only myself, everyone will die. But we had a good time.
MITSUME: Well, well, there were a girl born from wood crotch, and a werewolf.
He looked after her.
MITSUME: We met and left...
MITSUME: This story...is something like that. Such as an one-night love story...

< Angel KINOKO >
Once upon a time, a girl was born from a wood crotch.
Her name was KINOKO.
YOSAKU brought her up with love.
When she became 14 years old, 3 people appeared in front of her trying to take her away.

KIRIHITO < A man aspiring to become the fiercest warrior >
IZUNA < A killer >
JACKY < A ninjutsu master >

They were all aiming for KINOKO's power.
YOSAKU protected her for his life. And he ran away taking her by the hand.
They refuged in the forest and got separated. And he met with MITSUME, the specter.
Getting tripped by MITSUME's peculiar magic, YOSAKU,KIRIHITO,IZUNA and JACKY scrambled for KINOKO.
And finally KIRIHITO took her away.

< Each thought >
YOSAKU groaned bitterly.
Meantime, JACKY fell in love with IZUNA by MITSUME's magic and they started to chase KIRIHITO together.
JACKY attacked KIRIHITO, but got defeated.
KIRIHITO tried to kill him, but KINOKO stopped it.
This was the first time he didn't kill the enemy.

At the same time in the other place, YOSAKU met MITSUME.
MITSUME followed him around, So, YOSAKU teached him how to fight.
Then, MITSUME beated down JACKY.
YOSAKU and MITSUME got to be friends.

KIRIHITO was getting attracted to KINOKO.
He liked her smile.
He came to protect her and she accepted him.

But when IZUNA came, KIRIHITO received deep wound.
KIRIHITO battled against IZUNA for protecting KINOKO...

< Amrit >
KIRIHITO and KINOKO ran away.
IZUNA and JACKY, YOSAKU and MITSUME chased them..

IZUNA and JACKY caught up with KIRIHITO and KINOKO.
Wounded KIRIHITO...
Right in the middle of battle,IZUNA kissed KIRIHITO.
For some reason, KINOKO felt jealousy.

YOSAKU and MITSUME also caught up with them.
YOSAKU tried to persuade KINOKO to return home with him.
But she refused it and ran away with KIRIHITO.
Wounded KIRIHITO told KINOKO that she should get back.
She rejected.
She told him "We could live together, could live with them".
He rejected.

KIRIHITO felt satisfied for the past several days with KINOKO.
He was happy by just seeing her smile.
But he is a killer.
He knew he couldn't blend back into the mainstream, normal life...
KINOKO and KIRIHITO were having a quarrel but eventually hugged and laughed.
KIRIHITO said he would never see her again. And he went away...

Meantime, YOSAKU brought back to memory about her with tears.
The 14-year-old KINOKO was taken away by KIRIHITO.
By seeing YOSAKU, MITSUME felt irritating himself. He couldn't do anything for him.

JACKY,IZUNA and MITSUME started to battle against KIRIHITO.
They were all killed by KIRIHITO.

YOSAKU challenged him to a fight.

But by an irony of fate, YOSAKU stabbed KINOKO. She tried to protect KIRIHITO...

In a frenzy of grief, YOSAKU desperately attacked KIRIHITO.
After a desperate battle, they hit each other at the same time, and they both were about to die.
Then, KINOKO finally made a decision.

Will she help her father?
Or help a killer she loved?

First and last angel kiss gave the power to a certain man.....
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